“What kind of company you are looking for?" Answers to this simple question differ quite a lot.  We have interviewed more than 1000 company owners in the past 20 years, their answers basically went into 3 groups: some for specific Products, some for Suppliers, only a few came for Strategic Partners.   Among those interviewees, a few companies grew stronger, while most downsized. This is actually not a simple question, it is sophisticated. The way you answer it reflects your business philosophy, it determines how far you might go further.  At most basic level suppliers are considered transactional. Companies find suppliers, negotiate prices and terms, place purchase orders and suppliers fill those orders. That’s it. While a Strategic Partner contributes in following visible ways to the value of Customer: Expertise In Category Other than a supplier can produce, Strategic Partner owns the professional capability to convert your ideas into successful commercial activities. It includes an elite team of  Creative Designers (Unique Styles) Constructive Sales (Effective Communication) Experienced Engineers & Workers (Safety & Cost Effectiveness) Efficient Production Management System (Steady Quality) Commitment In Delivery We strongly believe successful partnership relying not on what you verbally promised, but on what you actually delivered. Quality & on time delivery has taken root in the soul of Tooky.  Social Responsibility The core objective of Strategic Partnership should be to promote the success of both Customers and Partners. We see this as part of our company’s social responsibility. If there is one ultimate purpose of this company, we would like to be a company of the buyer, by the buyer, for the buyer.